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In episode six, Ben and Chad discuss the true failings of Clay Guida’s game plan against Gray Maynard at UFC on FX 4, break down how the recently retired Fedor Emelianenko will be remembered in MMA history (to the extent “MMA history” even exists) and debate the meaning of Saturday night’s UFC 147 main event. Plus, Sir Nigel Longstock and another installment of MasterTweet Theater, which seeks to answer that age old question: Is there a wombat at the Portland zoo?

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At least one host of the Co-Main Event podcast thinks this Friday's UFC on FX 4 card is like a bowl of cheese balls left on the bar at a Hell's Kicthen tavern. The other suggests video of a tiger fighting a chimpanzee could outsell UFC 147 on pay-per-view. Which is which? Who said what? Does it really matter any more? Listen to episode five to try to sort out all that, plus which UFC fighter is like the girl you call late at night when you feel like you need some company.

Plus, listener mail, tips for a well-rounded fight fan and another installment of MasterTweet Theatre. 

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Which pro MMA fighter emailed Ben and Chad a picture of his cat playing Yahtzee this week? You’ll have to listen to episode four of the Co-Main Event Podcast to find out. As if that wasn’t enough, your dudes break down the relative successes and failures of UFC on FX 3, offer up unverified hypotheses about the company’s never-ending injury woes and discuss the politics of the UFC president putting Shogun Rua’s business in the street. Also, listener mail and MasterTweet Theatre!

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Ben and Chad discuss the revelation of Frank Mir's testosterone replacement therapy exemption, the chaotic state of the welterweight division and why nobody (even people allegedly getting paid for it) watched TUF 15.

(Ed. Note: Ben was having some trouble with is microphone, but it mostly subsides at the start of round one. Sorry for the trouble, peeps.)

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