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On the heels of the stellar UFC 178 card, the Co-Main Event Podcast once again finds itself with a good kind of problem: too many compelling storylines to cram into one episode. As usual, Ben and Chad make the best of the time allotted, talking about Conor McGregor’s big win over Dustin Poirier, all the weirdness in the Yoel Romero-Tim Kennedy fight and Eddie Alvarez’s disappointing UFC debut. They also find time to discuss awesome comebacks from Cat Zingano and Dominick Cruz, as well as World Series of Fighting’s plan to split pay-per-view revenue 50/50 with its fighters. Oh yeah, and Chad signed a book deal, so that comes up, too.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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So, Chris Weidman broke his hand and his fight with Vitor Belfort is pushed back to February? Man, you guys, the Co-Main Event Podcast is starting to feel responsible for this stuff, as one again (!) some big news in the MMA world broke just after Ben and Chad were done recording the show. Without the revelation about Weidman’s busted paw, the guys talk about Eddie Alvarez finally making it to the UFC (and the stakes therein), Conor McGregor going head-to-head with Dustin Poirier and the long-awaited return of Dominick Cruz. What’s that you say? The UFC 178 main event? Yeah, they talk about that, too, though perhaps the billing here gives you some idea how we’re all feeling about that.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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The Co-Main Event Podcast is back … on Mondays! With both Ben and Chad just hanging around town doing nothing special this week, we’re back to our normal schedule. You know what that means … some big news should break in three … two … one … In any case, on episode 120, your dudes talk about Andrei Arlovski’s big knockout win over Bigfoot Silva in Brazil last weekend. They also speak on Emmanuel Newton’s spinning backfist KO of Joey Beltran (surprised? Don’t be.) and Bellator’s ongoing perception problem. Sprinkled in there is a little talk of Mark Hunt’s coming main event against Roy Nelson, TUF 20 and Nick Diaz’s recent arrest on suspicion of DUI, as well.

All that, plus MasterTweet Theatre, Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fan, AYFKM and Just Sayin’ stuff.

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With Ben safely returned from the wilds of Maine, the Co-Main Event Podcast produces what it hopes is its last delayed show for some time. Lucky thing, too, since the MMA world just proves too capable of breaking hella news from Tuesday to Tuesday. We all look forward to getting back to the normal Monday to Monday sched., where news breaks right AFTER the podcast comes out. This week, Ben and Chad talk up Jacare Souza’s big win over Gegard Mousasi from last Friday, Bellator’s shocking unmasking of ... some dude during its own show and Ben Askren’s weird appearance on AXS TV’s Inside MMA.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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Now back to irregularly scheduled programming. For the next two weeks, the CME will come out on Tuesdays, which for the record was how the show was conceived in the beginning, before public pressure and the harsh realities of life forced it onto Mondays. In any case, episode 118 sees Ben and Chad breaking down TJ Dillashaw’s bantamweight title win over Joe Soto at last Saturday at UFC 177. Wait, who? Exactly. In addition, the guys also look ahead to this Friday’s Fight Night 50 main event between Jacare (Jacare!) Souza and Gegard “Sweet and Sassy” Mousasi, when the UFC and Bellator will run dueling cards in the state of Connecticut.

All that plus AYFKM and Just Sayin Stuff.

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