The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast

With one CME host returning to town just as the other skeddadled out the back door, Ben and Chad had to squeeze in episode 115 during the short window when both dudes were still in the One True Time Zone. As a result, this installment of the Co-Main Event Podcast was recorded at Ben’s house, on Saturday and before noon. So, yeah, your dudes weren’t really awake yet, were swilling coffee and trying to keep their voices down while a bunch of babies took naps. Other than that, you won’t notice a difference. Covered in this week’s show are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier literally threatening to literally kill one another from opposite ends of a Sportscenter live feed, Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz literally getting booked to literally fight and the UFC literally doing a show literally from Bangor, Maine where Ryan Bader and Ovince St. Preux literally re-define the meaning of the term “Maine Event.”

Get it?

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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