The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast

Picture it, CME Universe. There you are, walking along, minding your own business, just doing your thing, landing your low kicks, everything going your way, when--boom--all of the sudden Carlos Condit jumps out of nowhere and elbows you … right … in … the ... face. That would suck, wouldn’t it? Yeah, that would suck. Also, in this situation, you are Thiago Alves (Pronounced: AL-vez, it turns out). This week, the Co-Main Event Podcast follows the re-routed road map that was Alves’ face after his bout with Condit last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 67, and takes a few moments to mourn the testicles of Ryan Jimmo, which had arguably an even shittier night than Alves’ nose. In addition, Ben and Chad look ahead to next weekend’s Fight Night 68, where Dan Henderson will fight Tim Boetsch for some damn reason.

All that, plus AYFKM, Just Sayin’ Stuff and MasterTweet Theatre.


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