The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast

With Ben’s lengthy business chasing down hashtag lifestyle pieces in Las Vegas finally concluded, he and Chad get back on the wild, bucking horse that is the Co-Main Event Podcast on Friday. Better late than never, right, you roughnecks? Even with Ben safely ensconced back in the one true time zone, the show finds itself in an unusual position, with 10 not-so-slow days of MMA news to catch up on. For that reason, for one episode only your dudes dispense with the show’s normal 3-round format and just make it a free-for-all. From the UFC’s new Reebok deal and CM Punk to TUF 20, UFC 181 and UFC on Fox 13, they take on all comers. Think of this as a CME done by UFC 1 rules, where guys just brawl it out in one long continuous round until one guy taps out or gets his tooth kicked into the front row. This one’s for you, Superfoot. 

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