The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast

Ben and Chad delayed the recording of this week’s CME by some 25 minutes, hoping to be able to hear the UFC’s big #TheTimeIsNow announcement, so they could discuss it as BREAKING NEWS during the intro to the show. But, as it turned out, the time was not now. The time will be somewhat later. In the future. That’s when the time will happen. That’s right, the UFC punted on its own big announcement today, with UFC President Dana White telling the gathered crowd that the fight company “didn’t get it done” yet. “You can all go home now,” White quipped. If only! Instead, your boys went ahead and did the whole show, discussing last weekend’s jam-packed MMA slate, including Fabricio Werdum capturing the interim UFC heavyweight title, Tito Ortiz edging Stephan Bonnar at Bellator 131 and next weekend’s featherweight main event featuring Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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