The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast

The Co-Main Event Podcast had the strangest dream, you guys. We dreamed Diego Sanchez went out and got lit up pillar to post by Ross Pearson this weekend at UFC Fight Night 42 and somehow walked out with a split decision victory. We woke up screaming about how we wanted to challenge Nate Diaz to a fight in Mexico, but after a shave, shower and a strong cup of joe, we realized none of it could possibly be true. So, what’s in the news today … well, for episode 107 of the CME, Ben and Chad talk up Benson Henderson’s stoppage(!) victory over Rusty Cables and Demetrious Johnson’s upcoming flyweight title defense against Ali Bagautinov. What’s that you say? We normally do three rounds? Ah, I’m sure we’ll think of something for round two.


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