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Another week where there #AintShitGoingOn, but the Co-Main Event Podcast bravely marches on. Pretty noble, right? Ben and Chad forge ahead into another week of listener questions. All are considered, but only the strong pass muster. On this very special GRAB BAG edition of the CME, your dudes field queries about Ronda Rousey, Ronda Rousey’s mom, Ronda Rousey’s coach and Ronda Rousey’s love life. In non-Ronda Rousey talk, they also discuss the Nick Diaz White House petition, TJ Dillashaw’s ongoing feud with Urijah Faber and when the time will be right for Bellator MMA to make its move. Plus much, much more.

All that, plus Sir Nigel Longstock stops by for MasterTweet Theatre.

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It’s up to you this week, podcast pals. The Co-Main Event shifts into All Questions Considered mode for its latest episode and you know what that means--ain’t shit else going on. Ben and Chad put the trajectory of the show in your hands, answering as many of your questions as they can in one hour, fifteen minutes. As you might imagine, things get pretty random. Not only do they take your queries about Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Paige VanZant, Sage Northcutt and others, but they also talk a little Game of Thrones, the world of other podcasts and even hand out some advice for newlyweds. This is not your father’s CME podcast.

It’s all your questions all the time.

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This week’s Co-Main Event Podcast is recorded in the immediate wake of UFC 192 and immediately in advance of what everyone believes will be Jon Jones’ reinstatement to the UFC. Current champion Daniel Cormier just got a big win over Alexander Gustafsson over the weekend and Ryan Bader spoiled the return of former champ Rashad Evans. So it’s pretty safe to say there’s a lot going on right now, light heavyweight-wise. Ben and Chad talk about all that stuff, as well as welterweight Johny Hendricks’ failure to make weight and the ramifications that might have on his intended opponent, Tyron Woodley.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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As we record this episode of the Co-Main Event Podcast, just imagine Josh Barnett seated at the head of a viking banquet table, full-up on honey mead and eating stew from a bowl made of the skull of his enemy. Then imagine Roy Nelson in an I-Hop, waiting for his third plate of blueberry pancakes. Pretty much the same scenario, when you think about it, after two different outcomes at UFC Fight Night 75. This week, Ben and Chad breakdown Barnett’s victory, Nelson’s loss and puzzle over what they could possibly mean for both guys. In addition to that, they revisit more startling/not startling Vitor Belfort drug test revelations and look ahead to Saturday’s UFC 192, where Daniel Cormier defends the light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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Chad rolls into this week’s episode of the Co-Main Event Podcast straight from the road, after nearly a week being in Iowa with his family. He needs a vacation from his vacation, but instead he gets more than an hour of MMA talk with Ben, all for your listening pleasure. This was something that needed to happen, if not for everyone’s mental health than simply because last weekend’s Bellator event left us with so much to discuss. There is Phil Davis’ sudden resurgence to discourse as well as the overall look and feel of Bellator’s strange “Dynamite” fight card. In addition to that, the guys look ahead to UFC Fight Night 75, where Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson will meet in a heavyweight clash in Japan.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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Breaking news into the Co-Main Event Podcast just as the show goes on the air this week, and Ben and Chad offer up some instant reaction to the Nevada State Athletic Commission handing Nick Diaz a five year ban for marijuana on Monday. Or maybe the extra-stiff punishment came because Diaz had the audacity to try to show up and actually defend himself? How’s that for some discourse? In addition to that, Bellator MMA takes front and center as its four-man, one night light heavyweight tournament goes down on Saturday. Who will win and what kind of No. 1 contender will they be for the victor of Liam McGeary’s title defense against Tito Ortiz the same night? Only time (and the CME) will tell. Your dudes also look into troubling reports about the UFC’s new drug testing partner and what that might mean for the fight company’s new in-house testing program.

All that. plus Just Sayin’ Stuff, AYFKM  and Master Tweet Theatre.

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Demetrious Johnson went out last weekend at UFC 191 and proved he’s still the most capable 125-pound mixed martial arts fighter on the planet--and the Co-Main Event Podcast breaks down every painstaking second of it. Nah, just kidding. Ben and Chad talk about Johnson’s impressive win over John Dodson for a couple minutes and then move on to the more vexing and interesting question of just what the heck the UFC should to with Johnson. It’s vexing. And interesting. In addition to that, your dudes look at the clusterfuck that still is the heavyweight division, now caught in yet another delay because the NEW champion needs some time off. Also, they look at Anthony Johnson’s most recent outburst to the media because … wow, that dude just doesn’t get it, huh?

All that, plus AYFKM, Just Sayin’ Stuff and--you ready?--Tips for the Well-Rounded Fight Fan.

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The Co-Main Event Podcast can’t have one week where it doesn’t talk about Ronda Rousey, can it? Just when Ben and Chad thought we all had Rousey’s future set, the UFC done went and changed it again late last week, announcing the Rowdy One’s bout against Holly Holm would be moved up from Jan. 2 at UFC 195 to mid-Nov.’s UFC 193. This is being done to accommodate the recent injury to welterweight champion Robbie Lawler and--we guess--desperately try to fill some big stadium in Australia. Why, you ask? Ostensibly to break some sort of made-up-sounding UFC live attendance record, but we’re guessing the real reason is millions of dollars. Anyway, so that’s begging to be discussed. In addition, your dudes talk about Demetrious Johnson’s pending rematch with John Dodson at UFC 191 and a smattering of happenings this week in Bellator. Is good. You like.

All that, plus AYFKM and Just Sayin’ Stuff.

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Even with no UFC event scheduled for this next weekend, the Co-Main Event Podcast has plenty to talk about. On this episode, Ben and Chad break down Max Holloway’s anti-climactic win over Charles Oliveira from the main event of UFC Fight Night 74 and discuss the literal ins and outs of the often overlooked but vitally important esophagus. They also look into Michael Bisping spoiling much of the positive political capital he’d built up recently when he questioned the cojones of sudden UFC retiree Frankie Perez. In addition, they discourse on Ronda Rousey’s newly announced bout with Holly Holm.

All that, plus AYFKM, Just Sayin’ Stuff and MasterTweet Theatre.

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By now, the cat is probably well out of the bag that there is no new CME this week, after Ben decided to go on vacation with his family to some mountain lake. Just picture him, swinging comfortably in his hammock sipping Jameson, not a care in the world as his bedraggled wife chases their two children around the cabin, trying to keep them from eating rat poison or tumbling down a set of stairs. Meanwhile, Old Man Fowlkes sways in the breeze, oblivious.

But look, Ben and Chad didn’t want to leave you high and dry this week with no CME-related entertainment at all. For that reason, they’ve planned a special announcement regarding NEXT week’s podcast, as well as a chance for you to revisit one of the more unique and popular single episodes in the show’s history.

What’s the announcement, you ask? Wouldn’t you like to know, you grubby little orphans. To find out, you’ll have to experience it in audio format ...

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