The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast

Another week where there #AintShitGoingOn, but the Co-Main Event Podcast bravely marches on. Pretty noble, right? Ben and Chad forge ahead into another week of listener questions. All are considered, but only the strong pass muster. On this very special GRAB BAG edition of the CME, your dudes field queries about Ronda Rousey, Ronda Rousey’s mom, Ronda Rousey’s coach and Ronda Rousey’s love life. In non-Ronda Rousey talk, they also discuss the Nick Diaz White House petition, TJ Dillashaw’s ongoing feud with Urijah Faber and when the time will be right for Bellator MMA to make its move. Plus much, much more.

All that, plus Sir Nigel Longstock stops by for MasterTweet Theatre.

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