The Co-Main Event Podcast

In classic Co-Main Event fashion, the new podcast smell hadn’t even worn off last week’s episode before UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for that candy cane. You know, that gutter glitter? That paradise white? Anyhoo, Ben and Chad weren’t going to let an opportunity like that go by without busting out their best Scarface jokes. Their best Boogie Nights jokes. Their best New Jack City jokes. Especially after the Nevada State Athletic Commission spent the next week playing the Gee Money to Jones’ Nino Brown. Oh yeah, there is also another event of mixed rules fighting happening this weekend, when Conor McGregor takes on Dennis Siver and Donald Cerrone steps in on--what else--short notice to fight Benson Henderson.

All that, plus Just Sayin’ Stuff and AYFKM.

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