The Co-Main Event Podcast

Breaking news into the Co-Main Event Podcast just as the show goes on the air this week, and Ben and Chad offer up some instant reaction to the Nevada State Athletic Commission handing Nick Diaz a five year ban for marijuana on Monday. Or maybe the extra-stiff punishment came because Diaz had the audacity to try to show up and actually defend himself? How’s that for some discourse? In addition to that, Bellator MMA takes front and center as its four-man, one night light heavyweight tournament goes down on Saturday. Who will win and what kind of No. 1 contender will they be for the victor of Liam McGeary’s title defense against Tito Ortiz the same night? Only time (and the CME) will tell. Your dudes also look into troubling reports about the UFC’s new drug testing partner and what that might mean for the fight company’s new in-house testing program.

All that. plus Just Sayin’ Stuff, AYFKM  and Master Tweet Theatre.

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